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Regrowth Organic Hair Serum For All Hair Types

Regrowth Organic Hair Serum For All Hair Types

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1. Natural formula, gentle and does not damage hair roots.
2. Massage ball, double absorption, firm the scalp and make the hair root strong.
3. Balancing oil secretion and repairing damaged scalp hair follicles, and rebuilding the barrier function of the scalp.
4. Restore scalp activity, and reduce hair cross.
5. Nourish the scalp gently and promote the absorption of nutrients by hair follicles.
6. Improve nutrient supply, strengthen hair core, and stabilize hair roots.
7. Essential oil anti-hair loss liquid, designed for people suffering from hair loss. Suitable for all types of hair loss.


Product capacity: 20ml
Specification: bag, box
Packing material: OPP, plastic

Package Content:

Nourishing and dense hair liquid*1

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